Saturday, 4 May 2013

Tomorrow is the day – GE13

Tomorrow is the day – GE13

I can choose to be quiet but there are things that I fear if I don’t say it, I will live in regret for the rest of my life.

It hurts me so much knowing that so many dirty tactics happening in Penang, my beloved state. This could be the dirtiest elections ever with so many cash handouts, lucky draws, free food, free-flow beer and outdoor entertainment.

Dear relatives, unimates, classmates, coursemates, enemies, childhood friends, friends from near and far, tomorrow is the day where the rakyat will go out to cast their votes in this 13th General Election.

Those of you who can vote, do it. Come out early.

Some people are too young to vote, but you can. You’ve lived at least 21 years in Malaysia’s soil. You know what have been happening. You know who’s doing well and who’s not. You know if media is censored. You know many things from the internet, although some are just plain rumours and fake. But you know that there’s really something shitty happeining to your country. You’ve seen, heard and experienced all of it yourselves from education, human rights, police treatment and so on. Are you going to be a bystander and take a so-called neutral stand? Stop this bullshit!

Feel helpless no more!! You can make a change! The power is in your hand now. You can change all these nonsense!

I don’t give a damn shit who you are voting tomorrow. But come out and vote! Each vote counts. Vote for the candidate and party which you think can bring harmony, peace and wealth to the rakyat and country.

If you are happy with the present system, vote them. If you feel there must be a change, so that life would be better, vote them! Nothing’s wrong to vote for new persons and parties in while you kick the badass out.

Voting is a privilege. And to vote for anyone or any party you prefer is your rights. No one can stop you from doing so.

The most awaited moment is just hours away. So do your part, will yea? Let’s make a difference. This is the time for you, Malaysians, do something for Malaysia, your country.

Let’s make tomorrow a day to be remembered.

No matter who wins, let it be peace and harmony. Don’t create troubles. Handle it with rationality and maturity. The elections results will determine our future.

As a first time voter, I am so excited and nervous. I wonder how it’s like to step into the polling station, getting the ballot papers and put an ‘X’ on it. Hahahahaaa. 

Malaysia milik kita. Milik kita semua, bukan puak puak yg kaya, extreme atau racist. 

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